Consignment is a hoot!

Rainy Days are great for cleaning out closets and making $$$

Top 10 Reasons to sale at Consignment is a hoot

-De-clutter closets
-Set your prices with our easy to use on-line tagging system
-Higher percentages paid than at a consignment shop
-Easier than on-line selling
-Easier than a garage sale
-Quick profit, checks mailed within 2 weeks
-Shop before the public at the pre-sale

-Be eco-savvy, keeping gently used items out of landfills
-Targeted marketing to buyers

AND the #1 reason

Consignment is a hoot!

Registration is open and we are still accepting consignors

$10 Consignor Registration Fee is waived when you refer 3 friends that consign $100.00 worth of inventory. Just have them put your name into the "how did you hear about us" section when they register.