Cupcake Queen

By Brittany Natzke


In the first chapter of the book "The Cupcake Queen" you learn that Penny the main character works at the bakery her mom owns. Her and her mom go to delivery six dozen pink frosted cupcakes to a girl named Charity. When nothing goes right at the delivery Penny finds herself in a battle with herself and Charity. Along the way you met many people like Tally and her aunt, Blake, Marcus and his dad and his dog Sam, Penny's Grandmother, and all of Charity's friends. In the next chapters you'll find that

when faced with what Penny wants and what she wishes for make Penny look at everything differently. Found out more by reading "The Cupcake Queen"

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Some of the main characters are,

The main settings are,

The Rising Action

Penny and Tally are really close friends but both of them want to have what they had: their old life back. Penny's dad and her mom divorced and are making Penny choose who she wants to live with. Tallies dad is a rock star. He travels from place to place and Tally tells Penny he was coming back for her after the tour was over. But was that the truth? When Penny opens her locker each week there is a surprise wanting in her locker from Charity. What surprises does Penny find this week?


The conflict was both internal and external. The reason for this s because Penny really wants to move back to Manhattan that's the external conflict. Even though she has the chance she doesn't want to hurt the people close to her like Marcus, Tally, her mom, and Blake and Pennies grandma that's the internal conflict.


In the climax Tally decides shes going to join something she doesn't believe in: The Annual Hog Hollows Pageant. She will be running against Charity. Her and Penny get Charity and her friends to eat lard. They told them it makes them 'thinner'. When in reality it makes you gain weight in the beginning. Penny goes to the beach one night to find Marcus and Sam. Marcus asked Penny a very impotent questine.

Some Examples of Characterization

On page 7 the author writes; First I had to endure the scrutiny. I should be used to it by now, but I never am. Let me paint the scene. Me: black jeans, black Chucks, black T-shirt. Mousy-brown hair pulled in a low ponytail. Burt's Bees on my lips. Blue mascara on my eyelashes. I know, but I read in Cosmo that's its supposed to make your eyes look more dramatic, and I can use all the help I can get. This shows characterization because it shoes how Penny looks on a day to day basis.

Also on page 24 the author states: The guy looks at me. "He gets a little exited," he says. He smiles and pushes his curly brown hair back from his forehead. Even in the dim light, I can see that his eyes are really deep brown, like Sam's, and when he smiles, the corner's crinkles. The reason this is also characterization is because it introduces Marcus.


Some important dialogue is on page 44. It is between Tally and Penny.

"What's the RSP Society?" I ask reading her shirt.

"Rock, Paper, Scissors," she says. "Don't laugh. Some people take it very seriously."

This piece of dialogue is important because through out the book Tally and Penny use this to determine each other. If you throw three papers in a row that means your someone quiet but with lots of confidence.


The theme of "The Cupcake Queen" is that when you see the bright side in situations that look bad at first you'll always find some good in the end. For example all Penny wants to do is go back to her old life in Manhattan, but she finds that when she has the chance to go back without her mom she doesn't take it because she found Tally, Marcus, and Blake to help her though the tough times. Or like when Tally in the beginning tells Penny that she wanted to come here and her dad will be back soon when really her dad dropped her off there. Tally tells Penny she cant contact her dad because hes always traveling when he returned her package and letters without reading them, but when she finally tells Penny she help Tally get though it.