Eating Disorder: Anorexia Nervosa

Taylor and Rebecca

What is Anorexia?

  • Anorexia Nervosa is an eating disorder which makes people lose more weight than what is considered healthy for their height or age.

    • Most people with Anorexia Nervosa are actually afraid to gain weight

  • Anorexia is usually linked with other mental disorders

    • Depression


  • “Dieting” although you are already healthy

  • Obsessed with the amount of calories and fat you are putting in your body (always worried)

  • Pretending to eat

    • Telling people you are eating but you really aren't

  • Openly not eating

  • Dramatically losing weight

  • Throwing up after eating or using laxatives

  • Feeling overweight even though you aren't


  • Their isn't one set way that people develop Anorexia

  • Genetics can be a cause to developing Anorexia.

    • Mostly from your mother's genes.

  • Social life and surroundings

  • Sociological


  • About 8 million people in the US have Anorexia.

    • 80%-90% of the 8 million are women.

    • 7 million of the 8 million are ages from 15-35

  • 1-200 girls will between the age 12-18 will develop anorexia.

  • 3rd most common long term illness among teenagers.

  • It does not matter what age you are you can still develop anorexia

    • Common age range 13-30

      • The reason this is the common range of age is because people are usually trying to develop a self image at this time

In the body

Anorexia affects the whole body from the inside out

  • This illness will first attack your bones

    • Not taking in any nutrients or calcium you will feel weak because your bones are becoming weak

      • Most of the time when people develop anorexia they are usually still growing so it is dangerous to mess with the growth of your bones

  • Next it will attack your heart

    • While your body is losing muscle mass and fat your heart is also losing muscle. When your heart loses muscle it gets smaller and much weaker.

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There are a couple ways that you could get diagnosed with anorexia

  • When a person stops eating food in general that is a sign that something such as anorexia may be affecting them

  • Rapid weight loss. When someone is losing weight extremely fast that is a sign that anorexia might be present

    • Even if they are eating they might be doing other things to stop themselves from gaining weight

      • Throwing up

      • Laxative


As of right now there isn’t any medication you can take to help you get rid of anorexia but you can try other things such as

  • Therapy

    • You can go and talk to someone about what you are going through and see it that helps

  • Seeking help from professionals

    • Like in the video we watched you could also go somewhere like that if it gets bad enough


Some ways to possibly help prevent developing anorexia are

  • Have a healthy approach on food and exercise

    • Don't look at them as bad things

  • Teach children at a young age to take care of their bodies
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