Your Digital Footprint

What does your Digital Footprint say about you?

What is a Digital Footprint? Why does it matter?

Well for starters, your digital footprint are bits of "evidence" you leave behind on everything you search or do on the internet. Anyone with the knowledge to track you down can see what you where doing, on any day! This is very important now because your employer will see what you have done to see if you are who you say. Say you are going to work for Facebook. They will definetly see what you have done. Say you have a facebook account and you swear to much or pick fights. Surprise! Facebook won't hire you!
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MY Digital Footprint

I just got a twitter account. I haven' t done much with it. Employers will still look at it even if I haven't done much. But if I started to comment on some tweets in a "mean" manner, well my employer might have scond thoughts about hiring me.

LinkedIn is a site to connect with other employers and even employee. It is a site all employers should be looking at. You can put what you are intrested in, when you can work, past experiences, past jobs. This can tell my employers that I am a hard worker, I think outsied of the box, ect. This can be good or bad for me depending on what I put. The better the more companies will want me, the one will want you.

Plus it consists of all the games I searched up and played maybe during class maybe not, either way you can find it in my footprint! My employers will see it, if I have played during class, again, they might not hire me because I act distracted.

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My future (and yours) with our Digital Footprint

Digital footprints are mainly used for employers to see who you are as an individual. My work ethic and teacher commments can play a role in helping me get a job. Meanwhile my games and videos can put my job at stake.

What could I (and you) do to improve your Digital Footprint?

It's very simple to change your reputation, but time consuming. Everyone can start by simply being careful and thinking twice about what you do (including me). If that does not work give it time. For all we know we could have done something very shameful, we need to wait to make up for it. Or if you are impacient, just prove that what you did before is in the past and doesn't define who you are.

The most important thing I have learned of having a good Digital Footprint

Just think twice about what you say or do. Unlike the non virtual world you can't take anything you said or did back. It can't be erased and you cant redo it. Who knows who is watching. For all we know something you might say could scare of the girl you like! Or not get a job or get fired, you can decide which one is worse. I from now on will be more careful of what I do and say in the vast internet. Now the question is, will you?