Mrs. Maxwell's Second Grade

January 11-14 and January 19-22


This story talks about schools around the world. I am going to work on some Skype opportunities and perhaps we can Skype with some other countries around the world. Last year, we were able to Skype with my niece in India (she is back in the U.S. now) and a friend who teaches in Brazil. I will contact her again to see if it is a possibility. I also have a cousin that teaches in Thailand, but that may not be possible because they are exactly 12 hours different than we are, so they are sleeping while we are at school, and vice versa. It truly is amazing to learn about how students go to school all over the world!

Our learning goals for this unit:

I can write using quotation marks.

I can tell the main idea of a story and identify details that support the main idea.

I can spell words with long e /ee/, /ea/.

Spelling words:

free, teach, teeth, please, beach, wheel, team, speak, sneeze, sheep, meaning, weave, eat, read, between, reason

Vocab words: transportation, community, lesson, subjects, culture, languages, special, wear

Tests for this unit will be on Friday, January 22.

Math Unit 5: 2D and 3D shapes

We will continue our shape unit. We should finish this chapter on Friday and the test will be on Tuesday, January 19. Students will have a study guide over MLK weekend. January 20-22 we will concentrate on subtraction with regrouping. Many of the students are able to work through these problems with coaching, but cannot yet subtract with regrouping on their own.

Our learning goals for this unit are:

I can identify 2D and 3D shapes.

I can identify points and line segments.

I can identify parallel lines.

I can identify polygons and non-polygons.

I can find lines of symmetry in objects.

Parent Teacher Conferences

I look forward to seeing you at conferences. If you indicated a phone conference or indicated that you need a different time, a note is coming home. I would like to move the phone conferences to after school on Thursday and after school hours on Friday. This will allow me a better chance of keeping in check with time frames (I like to talk and one of my favorite things to talk about is school and your child! I also want to hear what you have to say! Please watch for this note if you did indicate you wanted a phone conference or cannot make Friday.