by Noah Miller

General Information

  • Tbilisi is the capital
  • Official language is Georgian
  • Population is 4,931,226
  • Head of State is President Giorgi Margvelashvili
  • President, flag and map are shown below

Georgian Culture

Georgians' personal appearance varies. Many wear jeans, and their traditional dresses are European, but for certain parties or celebrations like folk dances, they wear their traditional costumes. Georgians eat almost anything. Their diet consists of many things including fruits and vegetables, bread, eggs, cheese, and meat. Georgians celebrate many holidays. Their official holidays include New Year's Day, Orthodox Christmas, Mother's Day, Easter Sunday, and Independence Day. Their religious holidays include Epiphany, Our Ladies Day, The Dormition, and St. George's Day. Georgia's education is very good. 99.7% of adult females can read, and 99.8% of adult males can read. Overall, that is 99.8%! The school life expectancy is 14 years (before tertiary school).

Georgian Economy

Georgia cultivates food products like grapes, citrus, and hazelnuts. Although they cultivate these things, they do not have very much good farm land. They also mine magnanese, copper, and gold. In addition, they also produce alchoholic and non-alchoholic beverages, metals, machinary, and chemicals. Georgia's GDP per Capita is approximately $9,500. The only products Georgia really needs to import apart from certain types of food are natural gasses and certain oil products.


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