Modern Options to Organise Travel

Jack Franklin

There are many different options when it comes to organising travel in the modern day, whether it be to another country, state, territory or even just another town!

These options include many different websites such as TripAdvisor, social media outlets and a variety of apps available for your SmartPhone or tablet.

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TripAdvisor is a great way to find out about where you're going, book all of your flights, all of your accommodation, and see what other people thought about each hotel and airline. The option to see reviews on airlines and different hotels and motels from other, real people, is a great feature as you get real, unbiased feedback and can make a better, more educated decision based on these reviews.
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SmartPhone and Tablet Apps

There are many great apps out there to help you plan a trip. If you search 'travel planner' on the app store, it pulls up about 10, 000 results for you. Obviously, not all of these are going to be great apps that do what you really want so you need to know which ones are going to best help you in what you specifically want, so the best way to find out which app/s you need are to just do a quick google search, e.g. 'best apps to help find accommodation in (insert country here)' or 'best apps to find activities in (insert country here)'.

There are disadvantages?

There are some drawbacks to modern travel planning. These drawbacks include not being able to access your plans unless you're connected to the internet. Although some apps allow you to view your plans offline, many of them don't, the same goes for websites, although you can't access them at all unless you're online or you've printed off a physical copy, which can be a big problem for some people as the may have only printed off one copy and misplaced them before their travels. Even if you misplace your physical copy, you can still access your online copies right? Well you can, but you'll need to have a phone or internet plan set up for your phone or laptop before you go, and the same goes for if you wanted to ring up the travel agency you've booked with while you're overseas.