Open House Smore

By: Anna Pearson

Earthquakes PBL

This project doesn't just teach you about earthquakes, it also teaches you how to work with others. In this project we created a wiki page on earthquakes. We also made a "house" out of toothpicks, straws, and clay. When we finished, Mrs. Chappas took our "house" and shook it for 10 seconds. It did not break or fall.

Invention Convetion

This is my favorite project I have done this whole year. For this project, we brought in trash. With the trash, we made an "invetion". My invetion is a bike that chargers your phone. How it works is when you pedal, it creates energy. The energy moves through a wire which is plugged into your device. This helps the world by not wasting energy. Instead, your creating your own energy. If you would like to see a time lapse of Sunaya (my partner) and I working on our project, press this link- .
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Favorite Unit

My favorite unit we did this year was the layers of the Earth. I found this unit very interesting because I never knew there were different layers.

30 hands project

For this project, we created a slideshow. We made different clips of it with Pic Collage, then on the 30 hands project, we recorded us reading the question and answer. This project was done on our ipads which was fun.