Night Of The Twisters

By Ivy Ruckman By Mario


Book started out pretty nice until the twister came! Dan, Arthur end up in a twister that ends up destroying the whole entire town 7 or 6 twisters hit. Dan and Arthur and Stacey get in 2 twisters 1 is when they are in a police car the glass breaks every where and they all get hit by glass.And after that they got to the Armory and stay there for the night and then Dan try's going to the armory and then he find's his parents.

Problem Solution

The problem was that Arthur and Dan were in the tornado at Dan's house alone since Dan's mom was at Mrs. Smileys house the tornado sirens started turning going off and the tornado ended up at the house where Dan and Arthur were. The solution is that the escape the tornado.



The story takes place in Grand Island Nebraska and its capital is Lincoln its border is Kansas the state bird is the western meadowlark their products are corn and beef there major rivers are the Missouri River some favorite landmarks are the memorial stadium.


The summary was that they survived the tornado and their family had found each other and were okay they had been in 2 twisters and they kind of injured and were fine.