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April 5, 2019

Dear Warrior Students & Families,

Our 9th and 10th graders will be completing the ASPIRE test this week. The ASPIRE test helps students to identify academic strengths and areas for potential improvement. The ASPIRE also helps students and districts monitor student progress toward meeting the college readiness benchmarks associated with the ACT. Additionally, students performance on the ASPIRE is one of the criteria utilized by the Department of Public Instruction in scoring the performance of Muskego High School on the state’s School Report Card. Please know that giving your best effort helps to ensure that Muskego will continue on with the great reputation that we have. Good luck and GO WARRIORS!

Todd Irvine


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Distractions are anything that can take the driver's attention off the task of driving. These can include playing with the radio, holding a drink cup, looking in the mirror, and texting. Passengers can also be a distraction. With each additional passenger in the car, crash risk for teens increases.

Talk with your student about staying focused while driving and encourage them to visit the Distracted Driving Awareness table in the Cafeteria next week during their lunch hour.


June 15, 2019 at 10:30 a.m. in the Salentine Gymnasium. Visit the website for detailed information.

Class of 2019 Student Graduation Speaker

New for the class of 2019, there will be an opportunity for any student to compete to present Address to the Class at our graduation ceremony. Any current senior interested in competing must sign up with Mr. Irvine by May 1st. Interested students will then present their 3-5 minute speech to a selection panel on Friday, May 3rd. The student selected by the committee will be notified on Monday, May 6th.

Private College Week - July 8-13, 2019

With 24 colleges to choose from, the opportunities are plentiful. Tour a campus, talk to admission and financial aid advisors, meet professors, see a residence hall, eat the food, and meet current students. With special events all week, Private College Week is a great time to plan your visit. Click here for more information.

Organizational Workshop - April 8

Student Services is facilitating an all day organizational workshop as an opportunity for students to work on developing these skills. The workshop will be held every hour of the school day on April 8. Students may access the workshop during their study hall, lunch, or other class (with teacher permission). The workshop will guide students to create an organizational system (binder), prepare their academic planner, and backpack organization. Please see the flier for additional information! If you have specific questions please contact Julia Rutkowski, Christine Knapp, Tiana Fleischman, or Susan Schuett

Tips for Homework

Research shows homework is shown to be most beneficial at the high school level. Parental involvement with homework can create a positive impact on achievement. General expectations include 10 minutes of homework per grade level (1st grade=10 minutes).

Parental Tips/Strategies:

  • Relay the importance of homework: Homework is an important part of school (builds responsibility and time management skills)

  • Provide support when needed (helpful to have a parent nearby when the student is completing work)

  • Refrain from doing the student’s homework for them (student needs to master the skills while the parent has already attained them)

  • Check-in daily

  • Establish a clear homework routine (time, materials, location)

  • Supervise but do not micromanage

  • Help and assist with an organizational system

  • Look to others for help (e.g., teacher or student services)

  • Help them establish clear communication channels with teachers (do you need to email or talk to them in person?)

Homework Tips For Parents

Reference: Dawson, P. (2010) Homework: A Guide for Parents. www.nasponline.org

Julia Rutkowski, School Psychologist, M.S., E.d.S. (S.M.A.R.T. Warrior Mentoring Program)

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100 years from now, the #WisconsinCivicsGames question of "who was in the inaugural state championship" will include Muskego High School as half the answer. Congratulations to Kevin LaGrow, Ryan Leifer, Isaac Ozolins, and Colbey Kuchler for their second place at the Wisconsin Civics Games state finals!

Congratulations Dakota for being awarded the 2019 Personal Achievement Award from the WCASS (Wisconsin Council of Administrators of Special Services). This award is in recognition of his student leadership and contributions to the school community!

Good luck to our forensics team that will be competing at the WFCA State Forensics Tournament at DeForest High School on Saturday, April 6, 2019