Protect The Paws

Big and Small, Protect Them All

Just the Facts

  • Every year thousands of animals are abused
  • About 10,000 dogs are abused each year. They are the most abused animal.
  • Every state in the U.S. has felony charges for animal abuse.
  • Animal abusers are 5 times as likely to commit another crime than others.

What Is Protect The Paws?

Protect the Paws is a non-profit organization that helps Animal Abuse. It helps all types of animals, in any type of situation. We encourage the purchase of Abused Animals. What we do is we detect Animal Abuse. At pet stores the Animals abused are always for sale, and when you adopt an abused pet you get discount and a certain percent off of you purchase at participating stores. We also raise awareness for Animal Abuse, which happens any time any day. With your help we can reduce, if not stop Animal Abuse.

How can you help stop animal abuse?

You can help stop animal abuse by...

  • adopting abused animals
  • not abusing the animals around you
  • helping people who have abused animals in the past

How can you support Protect The Paws?

You can support Protect The Paws by...

  • buying abused animals through the organization
  • telling people about Protect The Paws
  • Act, and stop animal abuse with us!