The coolest place on Earth

By Shanit

Hello and welcome to my flyer

Antarctica is the most coolest place on Earth

The cutest animal is the white baby fluffy seal.

The temperature in Antarctica has reached −89 °C (−129 °F).

There are no shops there. You can only see icebergs and animals. You have to travel by ship or a stong boat. There are birds, seals, humpback whales and penguins.

There is no electricity and sometimes when you climb up with no ice climbing

can be very slippery.

captain james cook

In the eighteeth century British explorer Captain James Cook was sent to search an unknown sourthen continent. Cook led an expedition across the Antarctic circle four times between 1912- ? Cook sailed close to land and discoverd several sub- Antarctic islands however he never saw Antarctica back in England. Captain Cook discribed the dangerous seas.