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Keep in mind that all of our members with a Pending (that is Conditionally Approved) status can both sell and buy in the OneCoin Exchange just like all members with KYC approved status.

The difference is that people with a Pending/Conditionally Approved status are waiting for their KYC applications to be checked. When your KYC documents are checked you will be informed if your KYC application is approved or not. If your documents are not approved, you will be informed what you need to do in order to get a KYC approval.


The OWF team is very happy to present our new significant project in Romania called "Tackling Poverty through Education". It targets children at risk in the Suceava District in North-Eastern Romania which is mostly rural area with poor infrastructure and lack of economic opportunities. Children there face greater risks of violence and extreme poverty with little employment opportunities in the future. Furthermore, this area holds one of the highest population of Roma children who drop out from school at a very young age preventing them from further development and better opportunities. What is more, they are often condemned to misery and street begging.

In order to tackle this problem and encourage children to stay in school, One World Foundation joined the cause of the Fara Foundation in Romania. Together, we will provide support for children and families at risk. Vulnerable children will receive a daily hot meal, clothing, social and medical support. Due to our engagement with this program, children will be provided with educational materials needed for their classes. In addition to that, children will have the opportunity to visit after-school classes where they will be tutored on grammar and Maths. As well as that they will be helped with their homework so they can keep up with their counterparts in school.

The program has started 10 year ago and so far over 1000 children received support. OWF funding will be closely directed at 124 children (100 pupils and 24 children still in kindergarten) part of the Baia commune in Suceava County. Our aim is to prevent them from leaving school without primary education and some basic skills.

According to a survey "with every year of education achieved, the chances of a child ending up in poverty reduce by 5%", so we believe that through participation in this program, we will empower children to have better chances in life.

Now, we added the OWF Bank Account for DONATIONS in the backoffice → Information Center → MORE → OWF Bank Account Donations

Help OWF to help children in need! Thank you for supporting our caues!

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