Davis Update 8-4-16

What's up?

I get it! I get it!

I hear your concerns about no staples. I can promise you that schools live without staples. (I taught for two years without being able to staple.) However, I get it that this caused some people to panic about their classroom set up plans. You may minimally staple items that stay up all year, like fabric, posters, etc. Any places where you are putting up and taking down items like student work throughout the year will need to be taped with the painters' tape. If you display student work on fabric, I'm told that packing tape is great on fabric. We cannot have anything stapled in the hallways. Since those items change out, please use the painters' tape there.

Now if you are up here working, please remember that I like my iced tea mostly unsweet with a little bit of sweet tea at the top.



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