The Unicorns of the Sea

Narwhals in General

  • Whales
  • Large Tusk out of Upper Lip
  • Arctic Region around Canada
  • Carnivorous, eat Cod and Flatfish
  • 4 meters to 5 meters long
  • Large Groups
  • Live for 50 years
  • 75,000 Narwhals, Nearly Threatened
  • Breath Length of 25 Minutes
  • Communicate with clicks and whistles
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  • Ice Freezes, Narwhals Suffocate
  • Starvation
  • Hunted for Ivory + Meat
  • Sometimes Turned into Bacon
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Purpose of the Horns

  • Used to Battle for Mate
  • Used to Fight off Predators, like Polar Bears
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Controversy About Narwhals

  • Known for Horns
  • Someone made Narwhal Song
  • Increased awareness of Narwhals even More
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