Lets hear it for Marine Biologist!

My job can change this world!

So tell me about yourself!

I've always loved helping animals and finding out more about them. Especially marine animals! My favorite one is the dolphin. I'm a very athletic person and i dont get sea sick. I got the idea that i wanted to be a Marine Biologist when i saw the movie Nemo! And i always had pet fish when growing up! I can't wait to join this career and learn more about sea animals. Some hobbies i have are- volleyball, singing, dancing, skubba diving, exploring, and writing.

What does your brain have to say about this?

I am whole brain donminace. I have intellectual capacity, visual perception, auditory perception, and physical dexerity. I am a quick learner and i can learn by any of the ays listed above. I am a very detailed observer, and i always observe things closely! My brain orientation assesment gave me this information.

Keep you'r cool, don't be a fool!

I took a self-esteem assesment and got a score of 46! From this assesment I have a well balanced realistic sense of self-esteem. I know how to keep calm in stressful situations and I react well to criticism. If i set my mind to it i can do almost anything and i don't give up easy. I'm always willing to help other people, and I know where I'm strong and my weaknesses.

Well balanced jobs require well balance personalities.

With the personality color chart assesment I got the colors green and gold. The green color means- "were a work-a-holic who prefers working alone to get the job done quickly and done right. We are generaly whole brain dominant and can be very creative, but very organized. They may be very competitive in sports as well as buisness with a desire to win according to their own rules of conduct. We like to explore new ideas and map out strategies. We like to solve problems and figure out complicated puzzles. We are very inventive and buisness minded with the desire to run the show and be the boss. We are generally not good team players because we want things done our way and done quickly. They usually do well in school but must respect a teacher before we will listen and learn from them. "

the color gold means - " realistic and factual people who are typically neat, organized, and structured. They are generally hard working, loyal, punctual, dependable, and they obey the rules and laws. They prefer following plans and procedues and they must know what is expected of them. They don't want to be creative, but prefer well-defined job duties. They are efficient users of time, energy, and money. They like to be rewarded by others due to their hardwork and productiveness. They prefer working with things or real data as opposed to being social or investigative."

One Direction - Best Song Ever

I smell some fishy intrest and values coming!


  • volleyball- well active and could lead to being a coach and showing leadership, categorized to people.
  • singing- very vocal and could lead to being a vocal teacher, categorized to people and technology.
  • swimming- explorer/diver, categorized into people, technology, and information.


  • Bible
  • volleyball
  • animals
  • wildlife
  • family

Time to set free and explore!

According to my Explore Test results in order to be ready for college i need to work on mathmatics, english, and reading. My future education plans are to graduate professional studies at Flordia State University in the feild of Biology. My Career Area Preference is Natural Science and Technologies. My high school graduation year is 2018 unless i graduate one year earlier due to advanced placement classes. My future career goal is to become a Marine Biologist with a Masters Degree in Science, Natural Science, English, Animals, Biology, etc. My estimated years in college are around 8-10 years or more.

Bigger and better!

My desired lifestyle is too have a good education, a loving family, lots of support, and a nice house. A good income will help my education goals because i wont be as stressed with student loans. Also the income could help with family expensives and bills. A good family will support my decisons and help my acheve my goals and will push me to succeed.

Push yourself to suceed!

The requirments to suceed at being a Marine Biologist are -

  • Critical thinking
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Time management
  • Bachelor's degree or more in anything dealing with science
  • Handle situations well
  • Learn strategies and procedures quickly and precisely.

My plan to reach my goal is-

  • To get a masters degree in Biology and anything science related in Flordia State.
  • Complete two 40-hour observation sessions.
  • Graduate highschool.

Lets be a true character.

Some characteristics of my future career are-

  • working with others
  • working with wildlife
  • traveling
  • skuba diving
  • researching
  • writing reports
  • team work

Don't ride you'r scooter lets talk about kuder!

career intrest - according to kuder my top career interest was law and public safety.

skills confidence- professional support services

work values- according to kudder my top work value was motivated and ready to grow and learn.