William S. Leads the witch trails

Who was william Stoughton

William was born on September 30, 1631, in Massachusetts bay. William went to Harvard University to become a judge of Oyer and Terminer. Later in the year he moved to a little city called Salem village.William became the chief justice in Salem village. William was the magistrate and he accused men and women.
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William Stoughton leads to salem trials

The Salem witch trials began in 1692. William was a wealthy chief justice during the witch trials.William would go out and look for evidence so he knew that Betty and Abigail were right about the people who were accused of being a witch.William tried to find every detail he could find on witches. William accused everyone of being a witch when they were up on the platform even though he was the one who could dream or visions on who was a witch or not. 14 women 4 men and an 80-year-old man were crushed by and accused by William Stoughton. After the witch trials, the accusers would go apologize to William, but William would not apologize to them back because he thought he was right. After the witch trials, William died at Dorchester church in 1701.

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Salem Village after the witch trials

After William Stoughton died Salem had very little food and people were upset and mad because of the people that died. Salem also became very poor after the witch trials.

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