Things to Do When Landing UA Campus


Settling Down at Akron

1. By the time of your arrival at Akron/Cleveland airport, it's assumed that you have reserved a place (Apt/House) to live. Next, you are going to sign contract for lease with your landlord. Usually, it's 6 months or 1 year lease. It depends. Before you sign the lease, make sure you read through each contract term carefully. You also need to prepare cash for deposit.

2. Open your utilities--gas and electricity, internet (sewer, water, and trash usually for renting a house).

- Make sure to talk to landlord about utilities. They usually will provide you information about how to open it. You just need to call gas and electricity company to create an account.

- AT&T and Time Warner are good choices to set up your internet. You can go to their websites to make an appointment to set it up. You can either buy the modem & router, or rent modem & router from AT&T or Time Warner. I suggest renting their device just in case your device won't work someday.

OIP Check-in

Go to OIP (Monday to Friday) to check in ASAP once you arrive at UA in order to notify the University of Akron your arrival to the U.S., and you intend to enroll in classes. You will fill in some forms, receive information about New International Student Orientation as well as a checklist of things you need to do to get settled in Akron. If you already made an appointment online, you could go there on the time you scheduled. If not, you could click here to make a check-in appointment with OIP.

Documents you have to bring:

  • Valid Passport

  • I-20/DS2019

  • SEVIS copy

  • Admission letter (offer)

  • a copy of your Diploma (bring your Bachelor Degree diploma if you are going to graduate school)

  • Apt./house rent contract (you might need your home address to fill in the form)

Other any document you have

Purchase health insurance (Required).

*You cannot enroll in any class until you purchase health insurance. It usually takes 3-5 days to process and purchase it successfully, so make sure you do it ASAP once you arrive on campus.

Click here to know more information about this.

Purchase it, click here.

Annual fee: $1,145

Spring/Summer: $687

Fall: $458

Summer: $292

Rates might have minor change depending on each year.

Zip Card

The Zip Card is the official University of Akron identification card. It provides easy access to UA resources and packs a multitude of campus community applications in one convenient card!

Card uses:

  • Photo ID
  • Library services
  • Entrance to campus buildings, fitness facilities and labs
  • Admittance to University athletic events
  • Dining plan spending
  • Dining and All Campus account spending
  • Zip Print at campus computer labs
  • And so much more!

*Go one floor down from OIP to get you Zip Card (near entrance of Posky Building by Starbucks).

For detailed info about Zip Card, check this website--Zip card Office

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"My Akron"

Go to Bierce library- Tech center to open your "My Akron" account with your Zip Card.

You will be able to get your UAnet ID and password. This is very important because you need this account to get access to your "Student center", "Springboard", "email", etc.

- Springboard provides students and instructors with the opportunity to extend learning

experiences beyond the traditional classroom. Teachers usually post content resources,

grades, online discussion, etc. over there.

- Student Center is a place where you access to all student services, including: enroll in

classes, view grades, make a payment, view student account, update personal

information, view financial aid award.

- Teachers usually contact you through UA email address.

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Contact your advisor

Contact your advisor if you haven't done so yet. Usually, professors are still in vacation when you arrive, but it is important to let your advisor know your arrival at school, and your intention to make an appointment to discuss about your coursework program development (CPD).

Enrolling in classes

Steps: Sign in "My Akron" with your UAnet ID and password- Student center- Enroll--select semester- search- select course subject (click drop down menu)- course number- select course career (graduate/undergraduate/law)- select class- follow the instructions to complete your enrollment. Please refer this to slide show in the lesson "Things to do when you arrive at UA campus".


Renting/Buying textbooks

Familiarize yourself with environment where live as well as campus.

Locate the buildings and classrooms where you are going to take classes.

Familiarize yourself with Roo Express routes

Once you have been offered on-campus employment, graduate assistantship, you need to go to Payroll Office to set up your payment account.

Apply for Social Security Card (SSN).

Please check your orientation folder to get detailed information above.