Lanham Lowdown

4th Grade News

October 14th, 2016

Important Dates

**Change in date**

PTA Fundraiser Pick Up

Tuesday, November 1st 4:30-7:00 at Mackeben Gym

Spelling Test

Friday, October 21st

Culver's Night

October 25th

Picture Retakes

Friday, October 28th

Fall Party

Monday, October 31st 2:00 (More details to come)


By: Makenna

Specials is a lot of hands on learning. In music we learned about flat note,sharp notes, and accidentals. We got our worksheets back that we started when we were doing stations from are singing tests. The stations included a cross word puzzle about Duke Ellington, Staff Wars, and a letter note where you write something that starts with a notes letter. During we all are doing are work we get to go in the piano room and we get to play music on the piano.

P.E is a great time to burn off our energy. Right now we are doing running days every Monday. But besides that we are doing obstacle course’s on the rock walls and floor. A course can include Chinese jump rope with chairs and you can not touch the rope or you are out, bunny hop, and huge cup stacking. Sometimes we play games in the big gym like jail break.In P.E we played another obstscle course with the rock walls, Chinese jump rope with the people holding the rope, cup stacking with metal cups and regular cups and timing the people who are doing it.

Time to use are our imaginations. In Art we are constantly using our imaginations to create pieces to bring home to our families. We are learning how to draw people the way Keith Haring draws people. His career began in the subway stations of New York City. He would draw active figures, animals and humans all without faces.He is a really cool artist.


By: Joseph

For reading we are reading “What Jo did”.The story is By: Charles R. Smith. In the story Jo is a girl. Jo likes basketball. She is playing with a group of boys that think she is a boy. Se pretends that her name is Jo. And she plays so good. Jo does a big jump and then she is hanging on the rim. That’s a dunk! A group of boys soon find out that it is a girl. The Kid in the Lakers jersey is not so nice to her at first, but they still want to play with her. After that the kid in the bulls jersey will play with Jo anytime. Next they congratulated Jo for the slam dunk.Everybody will play with Jo anytime. That day the were best friends and would always play with Jo. We learned about cause and effect.

Science and Social Studies

By: Javier

Today I'm going to start an article about science and social studies. They are my favorite subjects and they are lots of fun and you will have fun too. Science we did clay or a poster about animals that are moving somewhere. After we finished our clay or poster we presented to our class for three days. Good thing we finished.

I can’t wait for social studies. Social studies will be lots of fun. Maybe it won’t be as hard as I would expect and I can’t wait to find out what we will be doing in social studies. We just started and we used a Today’s Meet to ask questions about government. Then we did a paper about the principal, assistant principal, teachers, and students. We learned what they do at our school and everyone needs to follow the rules.


By: Mattie Plisz

Do you love Math? Do you love multiplication? On Monday we learned distributive property of multiplication. I love distributive Property of multiplication.Do you? The distributive property of multiplication is when you take a number and break it down. For Example, 9*655 you would break 655 to 600+50+5. You multiply 9 to each number. Another thing is we do time test every Tuesday and Thursday we get to do one and if we get 50 out of 50 then we pass.I am on my 7s.I might be on my 8s.Only If I get 50 out of 50.Also we have a new Math Journal It’s called envision math.It is a new program.It is so fun!I love math.It is very hard, but I still love math.

Grammar and Writing

By: Mia Miller

For this part of literacy we are learning complex sentences. A complex sentence has a dependent clause and a independent clause.That makes a complex sentence. Also we are going down to the library in the collaboration rooms to in groups. We are making a slideshow with pictures of yosemite falls and complex sentences. This project is fun because I get to work with my friends and we get to work on something together.

PAWS Pride

PAWS Pride

This week our PAWS Pride lesson focused on conflict resolution. The students discussed some simple rules to solve a problem and watched a short video on what can happen if these steps aren't followed. The activities will allow the students an ability to prevent, manage and resolve interpersonal conflicts in constructive ways.

A note from music

We've been working on a "note story" this week--some of the words in our story have been replaced with treble clef notes that spell the word! We've had a lot of fun deciphering the words! We've also been playing the words from the story on the keyboards in Mrs. Crowe's piano lab

-Mrs. Crowe