By:Madison Henry

Theme: Perseverance

  • All of the characters in Sounder showed perseverance by never giving up even in hard times. Sounder showed perseverance by waiting for his master to return home even when he was in a bad condition. Even though the boy was there to help out the mother still showed a lot of perseverance by taking care of the children by herself without the father there to help even though it was hard for her to. The father showed perseverance by telling the boy to tell the mother not to grieve and that he will send word to her with the visiting preacher. The boy showed perseverance by trying to see his father even when the father said not to come to the jail.

The Article of Bayard Rustin

  • Bayard Rustin was a gifted athlete, singer, writer, and an involved student. When Bayard was imprisoned he organized and implemented Fellow of Reconciliation Free Indian Company. Bayard worked with Martin Luther King Jr. in the American Civil Rights Movement. Bayard traveled the world to speak out against a wide range of economic, social, and political injustices. Bayard helped Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. establish the powerful and influential Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

  • Bayard Rustin showed perseverance because he accomplished what he wanted to do despite the difficulties. Bayard showed perseverance by getting involved in the Civil Rights Movement to change how African American’s were being treated. Bayard showed perseverance by showing others that they were good enough and that they should have the same rights as others and that they are the same as the white people.

Unbelievable Animals That Saved People's Lives

Summary of video

  • In this video the animals save people in trouble or who need help and here is how all of them saved the humans. The dolphin helped the man because he was being attacked by a shark. The elephant saved a young girl named Amber in a tsunami protecting her by the massive waves. The gorilla was protecting the boy who had fell into the gorilla enclosure at the Jersey Zoo. The cat woke up the mother in the house and Winnie saved them from the Carbon Monoxide that was filling the house. The goat protected the man who fell into manure and he shattered his hip and no one could hear him yell for help so the goat kept him warm and let him drink her milk. The pig saved her owner by going out on the road to get someone to stop and then a man did and followed her back to the house and saw the woman lying on the ground having a heart attack and so he called for help immediately. The parrot saved a child's life by saying “Mama Baby!” and then the mother came into the kitchen and saw her daughter choking on a piece of Pop Tart. The whale saved the woman from drowning because the woman wanted to see how long she could hold her breath and then she started drowning and the whale grabbed her by the leg and pulled her up to the surface. The horse saved her owner by kicking the cow who was trying to trample the owner.

Anticipation guide

  • Every person has a right to food, shelter, and safety. I agree that everyone has a right to have food because everyone will need the food to survive. Everyone also has the right to shelter so then they can be covered from storms and other type of weather. Everyone also needs safety because they need to stay safe so then they won’t be hurt severely and so then they can be healed or taken care of.

Father, Daughter, and Dog: Alike

  • Cheyenne went into the daughter's room to wake her because the father had passed away. As in "Sounder", Sounder woke up the boy because his father had also passed away. Cheyenne passed away a little time after the father died just like Sounder did.

Father, Daughter, and Dog: Differences

  • Cheyenne was not claimed for when he was in the pound and he had a couple more days to live until the daughter got Cheyenne for her father. As in Sounder, Sounder was never found and put in the pound the boy was looking for him.The father at first did not love Cheyenne but then when Cheyenne wanted to shake the father went down and hugged him. In Sounder the father loved Sounder in the beginning and still did afterwards


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