Unit 1 Assessment

By Rilee Jones

My Personality

My personality is a kind of sporty kind. I like my personality because I think it goes along with my way of life. I love to play sports and I like to watch sports. I play football, soccer, baseball, basketball, and golf. My favorite three sports are football, soccer, and baseball.

Positive Self-esteem

A positive self-esteem is always good. If you want to do good in your lifetime, then you have to have a positive self-esteem. You can never get down on your self if you do something wrong. You just have to get right back up and do it right the next time. If I have to say you always need a positive self-esteem in your life.

Things I like.

Pride in Your Work.

If you take pride in your work then you will go farther in life then you think. When you take pride in your work you will like your work better and talk to different people. You might even later down the road get a better job and get payed more then your other job.

My Work Places.

My four work places that it told me was a school teacher, a toy store owner, a lab guy, and a police officer.


Personality really effects my career course, because if I don't have a good personality then I won't get into a good college then I won't get a good job then I won't get a good house to live in. So that's why I need to have a good personality.

Who Am I

I am a 14 year old boy in Harrison Jr. High School. I play many of sports and I kind of like school. I love to watch sports on the tv. I love to watch football on Saturdays and I like to play soccer and baseball.