California drought

were is the water

where is the water

California drought is at an all time high. this drought is caused by over use of water and miss use of water and extreme weather conditions. California beaches are a good vacation spot for families and others

All about that "bass" not any more

The drought in cali has caused a major loss in fish population.

The California drought has made the lakes and habitats for fish and other marine life unlivable and not sustainable for marine life. If we can stop the over use of water we could start to save the fish and marine life. The drought in cali has not only taken atoll on the fish and marine life it has effected humans as well. We like to swim and fish in the lakes that are being dried up.

ways we can help

we people can help by the way we use the water and the amount of water that we use.

the amount of the water that we use is a key factor to the water scale. the average bath tub holds 55 gallons. the shower for a 15 minute we use 12 gallons of water. running the dishwasher takes about 13-14 gallons each time it is run.

we could reduce the amount of showering and and hand wash dishes and watch the way we use water and not waste it by growing