Is the Internet Making us Stupid?

looking at the affects of the internet

What Does the Article Say?

In the article, "How is the Internet making us stupid?" by Nicholas Carr, the author communicates the idea that we are constantly distracted and interrupted by the internet. He says, "Even when I was away from my computer, my mind seemed hungry for constant stimulation, for quick hits of information. I felt perpetually distracted." We now rely on the internet so much that we cant function without it by our sides.

What Does the Article Mean?

The author asks us this question, "Could my loss of focus be a result of all the time I’ve spent online?" He spends so much time online that he cant focus on just one thing anymore.

Why Does this Matter?

The possible outcomes are we will lose our sense or self and we wont be able to focus. We are getting so used to just skimming paragraphs or articles and not reading the entire thing. We pick up only the parts that interest us and not the stuff that could actually be important. This matters because everyone in our society is being effected and not in a good way. The significance of his article is that if we don't change the way we focus or read things, we may become used to they way we do it.