2015 Year in Review

Marketing 1 - Suhail Almansoori Pd.3

Three Companies That Marketed Themselves The Best

Apple marketed themselves very well this year they have come up with alot of amazing products that included the Apple Watch, Iphone 6s, and the Ipad Pro. Each one of these items have now made it to the top of the lists. Apple in making amazing products and they will continue to make amazing products. The Apple Watch had a big hit in the market, Apple made almost $1.1 Billion. The new iphone 6s has amazing features diffrent than any phone out there. The new Ipad pro wasn't that big of a hit but it still made money for apple. The new Ipad pro is 12.9". It could be used as a laptop.

Nike also was one of the top brands that marketed them selves. Everywhere you would go you would find a nike ad. Nike also got famous people to do commercials for them. Also they have got famous people there own products so there fans will buy the products.

Samsung has made a huge appearance this year. They have marketed them selves very very well. The have got the new Samsung edge and a lot of other famous products that have good features on there devices. The have also managed to get themselves a Samsung watch.

Two Best Products

1. Apple Watch

2. Amazon Fire stick

Two Worst Products

1. Hover board

2. Ipad Pro

Best 2015 Movies and How They Were Marketed

Fast and Furious 7 was done very well. The movie has a lot of other episodes or other movies as some people would call it. As we know the actor that past away Paul Walker as in the movie. Everyone thought the movie was going to suck because they are going to kill him on the end of the movie but they have made a better ending to separate them instead of killing them.
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Best 2015 Movies and How They Were Marketed

Minions in my opinion the best movie that has been marketed. They were able to bring all there fans from the past movies which are the kids to get to watch the new movie. Until this day the kids talk about the movie and There Favorite Word "BANANA".
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