HDD stands for Hard Disk Drive. It is a very important component of a computer, it is made up of a disk to store images, videos, applications etc. It has a moving arm which reads and writes infomation onto the disk.

An SSD stands for Solid State Drive, it is much smaller and less bulky than a HDD. It can store less but is much more expensive compared to the HDD because it is newer and harder to make. SSDs are used in much more modern technology such as IPads, IPhones and other smart phones. It has no moving parts in it.

HDDs are currently used more than SSDs because most computer have HDDs, only the more modern ones (MACs etc) have SSDs.

Optical Drives


Optical drives are devices that read optical disks such as CDs, DVDs or games. Optical drives can be found in CD players, DVD players and many games consoles too. Lots of Optical drives can burn and rip disks too- this means that they can write new disks with infomation. Optical drives are very thick so devices like MACbook Airs do not have them. They can be used to upload software, but on newer and thinner devices do not need it because the user will download it from the internet.


A monitor is basically a screen. It displays what your computer

Computer Hardware

Computer Hard Drives (HDD/SSD)