A Megatherium

Caitlin O'Sullivan T4

Lived: 1.9 million years ago- 10,000 years ago

From the Zanclean of Pliocene through the end of the Pleistocene

Bobette's Life

Bobette lived a short life as one of the largest ground sloths in the world. Her species name, “Megatherium americanum” meant “Giant Beast from the americas”, a name thought of by Richard Owen in 1856. Her family though, affectionately called her “Giant ground sloth”. Sadly though, Bobette died 10 to 11 thousand years ago to an unknown cause.

Most evidence points to a few different causes. The first is that it was around the time of the end of the last ice age, so the fast-changing climate killed her. Of course, she could have also been attacked by another animal. Lastly though, disease could have been the final cause of death. With all of these things going on, Bobette and a few of her siblings could not hold on to life as their ancestors 1.9 million years ago had.

During her short life though, Bobette was about the size of a modern elephant, when standing, she could probably reach a height of 20 ft (6m), and weighed between 3 and 4 tons.

She was built very sturdy, with a wide lower body that supported her enough to walk on two feet. This caused her to be one of the slowest animals, but that was not a problem because she didn’t have much to run from. Bobette also had long arms and claws on her hands and feet. Sadly, this meant that she had to walk on the sides of her feet. Even though footprints show that she walked mainly on her hind legs, she most likely walked on all fours for long distances and resting.

Even with her large size and strong jaw, Bobette lived most of her life as a strict vegetarian, also known as a herbivore. Even with her strict diet though, some family and friends also might have snuck some of the remains of some dead animals into a few meals.

Bobette and her relatives inhabited South America as well as southern North America. Her fossil was found in Brazil in 1789.

Living tree sloths today have been in great distress over their lost, but distant relative, and her slightly larger, tropical relatives “Eremotherium” are all coming to the funeral. It is a great tragedy for them all.
Bobette accomplished a lot in her life though. Her friends looked up to her, literally and figuratively, and she was generally kind to everyone. Her brother Bob said, "No friends or family were scared of her, they simply couldn't be." he added, "that wasn't a bad thing though because she was nice enough that no one was out to kill her." Her other brother Bill added with tears running down his face, "Who ever or whatever killed her made a VERY bad decision. They would have been best friends if they had just waited a few minutes longer."

It wasn't just her kindness that people loved her for, but she was also a natural leader. Neither was it her size, even though that might have played a role. She was very persuasive and she also always seemed to take everyone's point of view into account. A friend Sally said, "She did persuade all of us to become herbivors.", acknowledging all of Bobette's accomplishments. All of her friends and family finish their interviews, "Life is just different without her. We loved her and hope that she rests in peace."

Bobette's Funeral

Tuesday, May 13th, 10:15am-12:15pm

Sloth funeral home

Come to pay your respect to Bobette. The family asks for plenty of gifts "for Bobette"

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