♥ Dance Quotes ♥

~ Greatest Feeling ~

♥ Emotion

~ I dance because there's
no greater feeling in the
world than moving to a
piece of music and letting
the rest of the world disappear .

♥ Believe

~ I do no try to dance
better than anyone else .
I only try to dance better
than myself .
- Mikhall Baryshkev

♥ Success

~ The practice mirror is to
be used for the correction
of the faults , not for a love
affair . and the figure you
watch should no become
your cleanest friend .
- Agnes De Millie

♥ Thematic Statement :

Dance should be part of everybody's life because you get to move , touch , and to inspire . This is the true gift of dance ♥ .

♥ Personal Connection :

My dance quotes connect to me because
it really doesn't matter what anyone else
thinks about you , its what you think about yourself .
Also , when your mad or stressed it helps you to
relax & forget about everything .