Weekly Bulletin

~October 28 - November 1~ Week 10~

KUDOS: Staff & Faculty Recognition

Distributed Leadership!

Dear Colleagues, thank you so much for maintaining the structures and routines of our school when we were very short staffed. I was so proud of Ms. Parchia & Ms. Perrone's presentation at the EL National Conference. Please use them as a resource and they are a wealth of knowledge and best of all, they are happy to collaborate and share practices.

Thank you so much for Mr. Zucker and Mr. Paul Davis for supporting us a Admin Designees. Thank you to Dulce, Sam, and Zoe for also running the office and many more things during my absence. Thank you so much to Mr. Ellison and the Assembly Committee for taking on my part of the work load! Thank you to Ms. Simone for going the extra mile to assure the safety of one of our students.



Science Writing Task (SWT) for grades 3rd-5th:

October 21 through November 15th - Testing window. Test needs to be scanned by no later than December 6th.

11/13: SWT scoring

SRI Testing Window: October 14th - 30th for 2nd -5th

SRI testing & scanning is due October 30th. The scanner is in working conditions, please reach out if you need any technical support.

TK: DRDP 1,2: DRDP 1 Closes 10/8, DRDP 2 closes 10/28

TK-ECERS 2, Closes 11/22

TK DRDP 1 - SR locked on 11/8, PA check in on 11/15



Wonder what types of questions our 3rd through 5th graders will be exposed to with the SBAC? I invite you to check out this link, http://sbac.portal.airast.org/practice-test/ .


PBIS Cafeteria Chart

As part of our efforts to continue working for our students to have a sense of community and responsibility in all aspects of their educational experience at SEED, I would like to introduce the monitoring chart for the cafeteria. Currently, students leave the cafeteria in poor condition, minor issues arise due to behavior issues, etc.

This behavior chart was introduced to you at our last Wednesday PD. I look forward to reviewing your recommendations for incentives.

Furthermore, the Student of the Month recognition is for the purpose on celebrating successes. We know that on a daily basis our students need redirection and consequences, but they also need their efforts in character, attendance, and academics to be recognized. I ask that you support us on this implementation.

October 30th: Wednesday PD - Science PD

2:00-3:00 PM

Location: TBD


Oct. 28th - ILT Monthly Meeting

3:00-5:00 PM

Location: TBD


I. Updates on Academic Discussions PD & C.O.I. (10 min.)

II. EL Workplan (review & input) - (30 min.)

III. Instructional Rounds (20 min.)

III. Feedback on Walk-through Forms (10 min.)

IV. State of the School (30 min.)

V. ELA/SLA, Math, & Science Leads Update (15 min.)

VI. Appreciations (5 min.)

October 28th - Monthly SSC Meeting

Time: 5:30-7:00 PM


I. Announcement of SSC Governing Board

II. Review & Approve Minutes

III. SSC Training

IV. State of the School - OUSD Strategic Plan

V. Safety Plan: Review & Discuss Goal 1

VI. Adjournment

October 29th - Instructional Rounds - IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ!

Dear Colleagues,

We are looking for two interested teachers that can participate in the instructional rounds from 9:00-11:00 AM. A sub will be provided. Please submit your interest to Beatrice by no later than 10/25.

On Tuesday, 10/29, SEED will participate in instructional rounds. We will have MLA & Global and district administrators participate in these instructional rounds.

We will conduct classroom visits from 9:00-10:00 AM

The team will visit 5 random classrooms; they will spend 10 minutes in each classroom.

How should we prepare for Instructional Rounds?

  1. Having clear learning & character targets?
  2. Were the learning & character targets unpacked?
  3. Can the students articulate the learning targets? Do they know what they are learning and why?
  4. Are academic discussions taking place in the classroom?
  5. Are there multiple opportunities for students to engage in academic discussions in reading, writing, and math number talks?


State Audit

Dear Colleagues,

We have been selected to be audited by the state; the auditors will be at our site this week. This will not affect any of our instruction nor school routines. This is for informational purposes ONLY.


Please make sure that you take attendance by no later than 10 AM.

Any student that arrives after 8:30 AM MUST get a tardy slip from the office.

Hallway Passes

On Monday, 10/14 all classrooms received their hallways passes. Please use them as we are monitoring the number of students outside of class during instruction.

NEW INFORMATION - Friday's Community Assembly

Week 10

SPECIAL ASSEMBLY: S.O.M. recognition during this assembly; nominations were 10/23 to Mr. Ellison.


Kinder, Ms. Perrone's 3rd grade class, Mr. Mayock's 4th grade class, & Mr. Reynoso's 5th grade class.

Changes as per staff recommendations effective 1st week of November:

Thank you for the feedback to improve our community assemblies. We will be dividing our grade levels so that each grade is represented at each assembly. As now, your class will participate on the community assembly every other week.

Here are the new groupings:

Week 11

TK/K: Mr. Pastrana & Ms. Mazy

1st: Ms. Tapia & Ms. Goodie

2nd: Ms. Ana & Ms. Parchia

3rd: Ms. Cato

4th: Ms. Bien

5th: Mr. Zucker

Week 12

K: Ms. Udovic/Saleski & Ms. Elana

1st: Ms. Superfine & Ms. Hudson

2nd: Ms. Ms. Ortiz

3rd: Ms. Perrone

4th: Mr. Mayock

5th: Mr. Reynoso

Wednesday Communication - Red Folder

Some parents have shared with me that the Wednesday folder is not making it home with their student. I ask that you maintain this structure as it supports school-home communication. If the Wednesday distribution day DOES NOT work for your grade-level, please send a note home with your students identifying a specific day that you will be sending the folder home.

Staff Culture & Climate

Thank you our 1st grade level for hosting last week's Friday Treats!

11/1 Friday Treats: 2nd Grade Team!