Journeys For Freedom

Freedom for a Better Life

Gold Mountain

(1865) Ah Goong was a Chinese man in poverty, but he dicided to go to gold mountain for a better life. Goong worked for the Americans and started to get a good wage, and when people wheren"t looking he would look in the river for gold and sometimes he would find some. And all of the money he made he sent back to his family and hope that one day he could come back to China and see his family again.
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Freedom for a Better Life in Modern Day

(2009) Cambodian Prom Vannak Anan dove into a dark sea and away from a life of beatings, unpaid labor and imprisonment on a fishing boat. The lights of a port, four miles distant, guided him. The desire to be free kept him swimming. Anan had a job and was a father in 2005 but a "job agent" offered him a path for a better life for him and his family when he took him and sold him to Thai boat owner. He was a slave for 4 years until it was a dark night and the people on the boat were sleeping and he dove into the deep for a better life.