An interview with Mrs.Winfield!

Brayden Perales

About Mrs. Winfield

Mrs. WInfield is an extraordinary Algebra 2 PAP teacher. Mrs. Winfield has been teaching for 17 years, she has only taught Algebra 2 PAP. She received she mathematics from Texas A&M. When one walks into her class they will feel extremely welcome and comfortable.

Her classroom decorations are very creative and welcoming, all the posters are there to assist her students in her class. When her students arrive they do a warm-up and she goes over it with them, then she assists them with the nights before homework. She allows her students to work in partners and compare answers.

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when one walks into her classroom it's as soothing as a pillow!!


Algebra too

its as easy as hearing a cow say moo!

She has taught 10-11 grade algebra 2 most of her life. She puts in 40-50 hours a week. The amount of self motivation is a 10. She allows the students to work in groups to compare answers, she also leaves the key to the review at the front of the classroom for help as well!