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Drake High School Community Newsletter

PIRATES - We are Here for YOU!

Education is a service industry. Without people to directly serve, we feel disconnected and a bit lost. Not seeing the students and our community members is an odd feeling that we, the Drake administrative team and classified staff, are feeling everyday. We are so fortunate that our teachers are doing such an amazing job staying connected to you all. THANK YOU TEACHERS!!

Please know that we are here and eager to help, answer questions, or just listen. If you need:

  • technology needs (computer loaners or hotspots)
  • text books
  • counseling or wellness support
  • other school materials

Please email Liz Seabury, Nate Severin or Chad Stuart. We come into the office every few days and can get you items you may need. D-Nice and say "Hi!" and let us know whatever else you need.

Drake is here for you.

AP Testing- An Update

We hope this communication finds you well, safe and adjusting accordingly to recent school closures. We understand the Corona Virus has caused significant adjustments to everyday life, including education, and would like to provide some important information about AP Exams.

Here is a quick update regarding the College Board’s plan regarding the 2020 AP Exam Administration. There are many details to come so we strongly recommend that students do not take any action until they have all the details to make an educated decision regarding the AP Exams.

On March 20th, the College Board posted this preliminary update https://apcentral.collegeboard.org/about-ap/news-changes/coronavirus-update.

Here are highlights the plan for AP Exam Administration:

  • There will NOT be any face-to-face AP exams this year
  • Students will take AP exams at home
  • Exams will be 45 minutes
  • Exams will NOT contain multiple-choice questions
  • Exams will be administered online
  • Students will be able to take the exam on one of two separate dates to be announced by the College Board April 3, 2020
  • Exams will be assessing a reduced scope of content, content that would “typically” have been covered before March
  • Students will have the option of canceling their exam(s), and CB will waive the $40.00/exam late fee they would have charged the school.
  • As of now, College Board is not refunding cancelled exams.

College Board will be providing additional online resources, see https://apstudents.collegeboard.org/coronavirus-updates#free-ap-classes.

Once additional details are provided by the College Board, we will contact you regarding how you will indicate whether you wish to take your exam on the first date, the second date, or if you wish to cancel. Thank you for your patience and for waiting for further instructions that will be forthcoming in April on how to proceed.

Spring Sports- An Update

We have over 300 students participating in spring sports. Understandably, those athletes and all students who participate in other activities on campus they are passionate about, are saddened with their current state. They are not able to be a part of something they love. We feel for our students, especially our seniors for whom for many, this is their last opportunity to play the sport at an organized level.

We want to provide you an update for the possibilities for spring sports continuing this season. The ultimate decision will come from the North Coast Section (NCS) in terms of a postseason schedule. Once that decision is made, our league, the Marin County Athletic League (MCAL) will determine the next steps for our teams. Here are the likely possibilities:

  1. The NCS follows the path of college athletics and fully cancels the spring season.

  2. NCS does not cancel section playoffs. Schools play only a playoff format in league play and then move on to NCS playoffs.

  3. All NCS / State playoff series canceled. League plays a modified regular season and playoff schedule.

As you know, this is a fluid situation, so things could change. Right now, the options above are with the assumption that school will be back in session on May 4. If that does occur and NCS/MCAL make the decision to move forward with spring sports, there are a few other changes that will be implemented:

  • Teams will need a certain amount of time to practice before they play a game in order to protect against injuries.

  • The date of completion for athletes will be extended into June.

  • There will be NO early releases from school. All game times will be pushed to a later time in the afternoon or games will be played on Saturdays.

If the school closure extends past May 4, all spring sports will be canceled. We will inform all those participating in athletics what the plan is when we hear from our league. If you have any questions, please contact Athletic Director Alex Chapman or Assistant Principal Chad Stuart.