Vasco Da Gama

Has the men to sail the seas

By: Braydon Bradburn

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Early Life

Vasco Da Gama was born on 1460. As a boy he worked hard on mathmatics and navigation though that's almost all about his upbringing.

As Lisbon's harbor hummed with activity he watched all of them but with interest. Tomorrow July 8 1497 would be a good day for Vasco Da Gama. Him and his crew would leave that day to hopefully find a sea route to India. He used about 100 days to get to the tip of Africa and did not stop there he kept on a going to get to India and FINALLY got there and forced the spice trade for there expensive stuff for more money.


Vasco Da Gama is a captain that sailed the seas but why? He was selected by the very young king. Manuel 1. the king knew that the journey to the east will be long and hard. To lead the mission Manuel 1. needed a skillful willed captain Vasco Da Gama was the man who he chose to do this very Challenging job.

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