HES Library Media Center

Feb. 4, 2018

Access Your Child's Library Account from Home

Access Your Child's Library Account From Home Through Our Website Link, KidzViz:
Don't know if your child has a book checked out? You can Look up his/her account from home.
Directions for how to look up your child’s account from home:
Click on the website link
Click "Log On"
Type in User Name & Password (PIN)
User Name = Lunch #
PIN = Birthdate in 6 digits (for ex. = 010105 for January 1, 2005)
Once you are logged on, you can look up your child’s library information. You can look to see what he/she has checked out by clicking on the tab, "Items Checked Out."



You Can Access the HES Library from Home!!
The "Atriuum on the Go" app allows students to access 129 eBooks we have in our Library KidzViz.
Plus, students can access their library account to see what they have checked out or overdue. They can also put books on hold.

Here are the Directions:

1. Download the app, "Atriuum on the Go" & Click on it
2. Go to Settings (located at the bottom right)
3. Enter the following Info in 4 - 6 (below).
4. Server: atriuum.madison.k12.al.us
5. Port: 443
6. Library: harvees
7. Click the button, "Connect To Library"
8. Now, you're in our Library KidzViz
9. At the Bottom Right, Click on "Full Opac" to Access KidzViz as it appears at school.