Carcinoma of Unknown Primary Cancer

Elizabeth Greason

What is Carcinoma of Unknown Primary Cancer (CUP)

It is a type of Cancer that spreads throughout the body. The cancer cells in the body could and usually do end up spreading to different parts of the body. This includes many different types of systems in the body. For example the integumentary, respiratory, digestive, and immune systems are some of the systems in the body that include this cancer.

More Information about the systems

The integumentary system is the organ system that helps protect your body from damage that may occur. The respiratory system is a biological system consisting of specific organs and it is also involved with breathing in oxygen and exchanging carbon dioxide. The digestive system is a bunch of organs trying to work together to make food into energy. The immune system are cells, tissues and organs that work together to protect the body from and infection.
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The doctors will may run an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), or a Pet scan (positron emission tomography scan, a way to take pictures of your organs). It could also be an Ultrasound, a CT scan (cat scan), or an Endoscopy, depending on where it may hurt or where they think it may be.

How the Body System works normely and how the Body System works when it's affected

Carcinoma of unknown primary is a cancer that can form a tissue in any part of the body whether its the skin, neck, stomach, or bones. There are so many different body systems, for CUP (carcinoma of unknown primary). A normal person would have normal growth in there cells, and the activity in these cells would be controlled. A person that is affected by this cancer will have deformed, abnormal looking cancer cells that are unhealthy.


This video will tell you a little bit about CUP to help you understand what Carcinoma of unknown primary actually is.
NICTA Cancers of Unknown Primary

Target population who is affected by this type of cancer

Carcinoma of unknown primary can be affected by both Male and Female, and both black and white. The age really depends on what type of cancer you have, if they find it, but its roughly between young adults to older adults (35 and beyond). So if they find the cancer they will give you so and so treatment for the type of cancer that you have.

On-set How does this condition arise?

There are know known causes for this cancer.

Statictics below

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The life expectancy for someone with this condition, depending on if they find it or not is approximately 9 to 12 months. It also sometimes has to do with if you have been just diagnosed or if the cancer has come back. Most people that have CUP, the treatments right now do not cure the cancer. Then doctors will their information that they have collected and plan out your treatment.

Treatment for this disease depending on if they find the cancer type

Treatment for CUP varies. Even though they run a bunch of tests on you, the doctors still may not find where the cancer started or even what type of cancer it is. Some tests and treatments that can be done are for example, surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and clinical trials. There is no cure for this cancer what so ever.

Signs and Symptoms of CUP cancer

  • Weakness, poor appetite, weight loss
  • Lump or thickness in any part of the body
  • Pain somewhere in the body and does not go away
  • Fever for know reason and does not go away
  • Bad cough or hoarseness in voice
  • Bladder issues
  • Bone pain, shortness of breath
  • Skin tumors


My Great Uncle Chris Cobb (my dads cousin) had Stage IV Carcinoma of unknown primary cancer. He was healthy he ate well he was on a Bike riding team called Zipcar to fight for cancer and he himself ended up getting it. He was 49 years old and he he was diagnosed in April and died 4 months later on August 6th my moms birthday.