Mrs. Amodio's

Kindergarten News

What we are learning...

This past week we covered a lot of material. We have gone through letters A-P. We discussed not only how to write them, but words that start with them and started picking letters out of text during our Read to Self time. Students were able to identify words that begin and end with those letters. We also worked on finding the main idea in a text along with details. The class did a great job finding out with the author talked about the most. We played a game with rhyming words and clapped syllables out in words. Our story focused on what a family is and things we can do with our families.

In math, we are reviewing numbers and one to one correspondence. We also discussed the days of the week and months of the year. We worked on identifying numbers that come before and after using a calendar.


1. Please make sure you are checking your child's general express every Friday and returning it every Monday.

2. Please make sure your child is bringing their homework folder with them to school on Friday.

3. I will be sending out a volunteer sign up sheet next week.