2nd Grade Newsletter

Cheatham Elementary

Important Dates

  • 9/23-9/27 Book Fair

  • 9/24 Family Literacy Night @ 5:30-7:00pm

  • 9/24 PTA Meeting @ 7:00pm (in Cafeteria after Family Literacy Night)


- Remember to initial your child's binder daily

- Homework begins this month! Please check your child's binder to see what homework they will have Monday - Thursday :) The homework calendar looks similar to the daily word/behavior page. Remember to initial this as well so that we know your child's homework has been completed.

- Snacks: Please send a dry, healthy snack with your child


During Readers Workshop students will use multiple strategies and context clues to be word solvers who can monitor and adjust their comprehension while reading independently.

Some decoding strategies include: go back and reread, sound it out by chunking the sounds together, what word could fit here or makes sense, and using picture clues. Once you figure out a word, stop and think about what the word means in the sentence. As growing readers it is important to stop as soon as something doesn’t seem right and fix it up before reading on.


In Writers Workshop this week we will look at various texts and notice ways that the author makes us react (laugh, feel despair, etc) and ask, “Why did the author do that?” and “How did the author do that?” Then we will try these ‘moves’ in our own writing. You can help support this at home by having conversations with your child about what they are reading: Was there a particular part that you reacted to? How did you react? What did the author do that caused that reaction? Students will be trying out these ‘powerful’ moves in their own writing, in their own way. We'll also be focusing on singular nouns.

Word Work:

Our focus in Word Work this week will be on contractions. We will focus only on contractions with ‘s (is) and n’t (not). Our High Frequency Words for the week are all, were, when.


This weeks focus in Math is comparing and ordering numbers. Students will practice ordering numbers using terms like least and greatest. Students will also be using comparative language in talking about numbers like greater than, less than, equal to as well as using the symbols to represent that language (>, <, =)

Social Studies:

This week in Social Studies we will participate in “Celebrate Freedom Week”. We will discuss our freedoms as citizens of the United States and what it means to be free!


This week in Science will be focused on energy. We will learn how heat energy changes objects and the effects it has on various objects. We will explore shadows, objects that create light energy, and what blocks light energy. We will discuss natural sources of light energy like the sun and man-made sources of light energy like light bulbs. We will explore how sound increases and decreases as well as ways to “see” sound. We will compare volume and pitch and discuss how these change as well. Finally, we will review all of the types of energy: heat, light, and sound and have an assessment for the whole energy unit.

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