By: Mikela Robinson

Here Are Interesting Facts About the Element Hafnium

  • Symbol= Hf
  • Atomic number= 72
  • Atomic mass= 178.49 amu
  • It's worth= 4580.00 $/100g
  • At room temperature= solid
  • Radiactive= Hf-172, 19 years; Hf-174, 2.0E 15 years; Hf-175,70.0 days
  • Original name= Hafnia
  • Makes up of 0.00058% of the earths crust
  • Is ductile and malleable
  • Is a crystal structure and found in Zirconium

More Facts.....

Group= Transition

Discoverer= Dirk Coster

Characteristics= Color, silver steel gray; obtained from zircon; and its radioactive

Year discovered= 1923

Uses= for nuclear reactors, icon, titanium, and niobium

Melting point= 2150.0 degrees Celsius(2423.15K, 3902.0 degrees Fahrenheit)

Boiling point= 5400.0 degrees Celsius(5673.15K, 9752.0 degrees Fahrenheit)