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World Wildlife helps animals and the enviroment

The dawn chorus of birds cherping, monkeys yelliong, frogs calling and insects buzzing. The waterfalls that are perfect for a refreshing afternoon swim. Fireflies that illuminate trees at night.

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WWF believes that one of the best ways to effect change is to work with the companies that buy and sell commodities that have the greatest impact on the places we care about most as an organization. One way we do this is through our Global Forest & Trade Network (GFTN), which includes nearly 200 companies and other entities that want to create a market for environmentally-responsible forest products.

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Polar bears are marine mammals because they spend most of their lives on the sea ice of the Arctic Ocean. They have a thick skin and a coat of fur that insulates them from the cold air and water. Considered talented swimmers, they can sustain a pace of six miles per hour by paddling with their front paws and holding their hind legs flat like a rudder.

Species Adoptions

Give a gift that will help protect the future of nature. Your symbolic adoption supports WWF's global efforts to protect wild animals and their habitats.
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Wild tiger numbers are at an all-time low with as few as 3,200 in the wild today. Tigers may be one of the most revered animals, but they are also vulnerable to extinction. We have lost 97% of wild tigers in just over a century. WWF believes we can save wild tigers. We have set a bold but achievable goal of Tx2: doubling the number of tigers in the wild by 2022, when the next Year of the Tiger is celebrated.

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This peaceful creature with a distinctive black and white coat is adored by the world and considered a national treasure in China. The panda also has a special significance for WWF because it has been WWF's logo since our founding in 1961.

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I think the world wildlife fund is very helpful for the animals they plant trees to bring food and home for animals. They go under water to check on the fish. if the animals are not being taking care of the animals some will come extinct and the world will fall apart.