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By: Logan Williams

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Take a chance. Meet new people. Try something new. Live, laugh, and love with Delirium. A story about Lena and her journey with the new guy she has just met. When Lena was a very young girl when her mother killed herself and she went to live with her Aunt Carol. In the village they are taught that love is a disease and they have many strict laws. When they are 18 they get an evaluation, get cured, and then are assigned a spouse, job, and many other things. Any interaction between uncured boys and girls is forbidden. Lena has been a perfect child all her life. Then she meets Alex, a boy who claims to be cured, so there is no harm if they are together. Lena opens up to Alex and they start to get close, then he tells her that he is actually an invalid. Invalids are people who live outside the village, and the children are taught that they are just a myth, like zombies and ghost. At first Lena is angry, but she continues to secretly see him, knowing it's forbidden. Eventually she tells her best friend lena and the three of them become a perfect trio. When the two start to fall in love, he invites Lena to cross the fence guarding the village with him to see his old village and meet his family. At first she says no but then she gets on board with it. If they get caught, they are both thrown in jail. Will they make it?

Based on Laura Olivers's bestseller Delirium, this story from Nicholas Sparks starring Jennifer Aniston, full of joy, love, and triumph, will make you cry, laugh, smile, and gasp.

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Lena Halloway, the fearless girl, is locked in her room awaiting the dreadful procedure at dawn that will make her and Alex's love just a distant memory. Even though it is nearing daybreak Lena is still convinced Alex, her fierce-full love, will come for here. Grace, the sister who never talks, helps Lena get loose from the ropes that once tied Lena down to her bed. Just as this occurs, Lena hears a motorcycle outside. Guess who's on it? Lena's crush Alex! But of course they weren't in the clear yet, Uncle William wakes up from his nap and rushes to stop Lena, everyone comes in the room, just as all hope seems lost, Grace screams "Wait!" Lena took the opportunity to jump out the window towards Alex, they hopped on the bike and sped of into the night, Lena thought they would finally be together forever. Little did she know she was about to have to leave her love behind.

Delirium Advice

Dear Delirium Daily,

I read Delirium and one specific character stuck out to me, Lena Halloway. In a way I feel she reminds me of myself and I don't know id thats a good thing or not. I mean she's sneaking off with a boy she's not even allowed to be with, KNOWING HE ISNT REALLY CURED! I mean what is she thinking?! Honestly though, I'm thinking about doing the same thing....... I could really use some advice while in this pickle, are you willing to help?

Your fan, Skylar M, Dallas, TX

Dear Skylar M,

Hello, Skylar, we read about your problem and we here at Delirium Daily are more than happy to help you! First of all, I don't know what Lena was thinking disobeying everyone and sneaking around but we are talking about love here, it makes us do crazy things sometimes. Anyway, about your problem, if it involves you going against your parents I don't recommend it. Lena after all is a fictional character and won't really get in trouble for sneaking out like you could. Well I hope this helped solve your problem and if you have any other questions please email us.

Yours truly, Delirium Daily

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