Getting Fit is Fun! With Ms. Alli

Falmington High School is Getting Fit and Having Fun

What Is "Getting Fit is Fun!"?

Getting Fit is Fun is an after school program ran by physical education teacher Ms. Alli Laviero. This after school program is held three days a week and within those three days a week we are going to explore all different kinds of workouts. One day might be Crossfit, one might be yoga, then the next could be spinning. We are going to kick off the school year right and have everyone practicing a healthy lifestyle. The program lasts an hour each day and there are snacks and drinks provided!

Free Trial Fridays!

If you are nervous about joining the fitness after school program you can come on fridays which are free tiral fridays where there will be multiple other physical education teachers in the room that can give extra divided attention to those who need it, or if you wanna leave after even 10 minutes because you think that it's not the right place for you you are welcome to! Fridays are for everybody even people that aren't very confident in their level of fitness!

Some of the Different Workouts We Will Be Doing

Guarenteed to See Results

Setting Goals and Acheiving Them

Along with the fitness club you can also do private sessions with Ms. Laviero where you can make a meal plan if you are very serious about getting fit. There are also other after school clubs that you can join if you are very serious about fitness. Ms. Laviero will help you set a goal and achieve that goal, no matter how big or small.