Alex Vuchkov, Shay Johnson, Mackenzie Davis

Texans! Pay attention!

Texas's water shortage is becoming a crisis, believe it or not! In Austin, our capitol, water usage has tripled from 1970 to 2010 due to Texas's dry weather and droughts! The town of Spicewood Beach in Texas has already run out of water! They rely on a 7,000 gallon water truck to supply them with water each day! We don't want this to happen to our city, do we? If not, we have to take precautions!

why should Texas water be conserved and how?

Texas water should be conserved because, well... water is important! We use it for almost everything we do. We drink it, our pets drink it, we water our plants, wash the dishes, wash our cars, ect. Imagine your life without water? You wouldn't survive...literally! 96% of Texans exceed their recommended daily water usage (65 gallons per day). We need to start using less water. If the issue gets too big and out of hand, we might have to make some sacrifices as a state. This might include shutting down public pools, or making them available for a shorter amount of time so we can use the water from the pool and turn it into fresh drinking water for each individual community. Another way we can do this is to persuade the government into donating a bigger percentage of our taxes to water funding! IF were running out of water, we have to do whatever it takes to regain it!

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how can we change the predicted time water may run out?

We can change the predicted time of running out of water by doing everything that we can to conserve our water supply. There are many ways we can do this. For example, when you are taking a shower, make it 5 minutes less than usual. Take a shower rather than a bath, leave your pool drained. You can also run your dishwasher less often and avoid leaving the sink running. All of this will prevent droughts and save ourselves from running out of water.

How is our daily water usage impacting the local and global ecology (ecological impact around the city, Texas, and neighboring states or countries...)

Our daily water usage is having a large impact on many aspects of the globe. We and the rest of the world are using up the supply of water that Earth provides. This has many harmful effects on the globe. For example, the shortage of water is responsible for a large streak of death of salmon. Also, we use a huge amount of water, 345 BILLION GALLONS a day in the US. This usage leads to droughts everywhere. The consequences of droughts are destructive to communities. They include hunger/famine, thirst, disease, wildfires, war, and even migration. All of this could be prevented if we would preserve our water and be smart with our usage. It also costs you more to use more water.

simple ways to reduce water usage

Stage 2 Water Use Restrictions In Effect

predicted time we may run out of water?

Nobody can actually predict the time Texas is going to run out of water together as a whole state. we already have 2 Texas towns that have run out, and have a few more near the Rio Grande that are fighting with Mexico for their water. But Texas may never get to a point where every single town is pout of water. We probably wont. But these little towns that keep running out will eventually lead to the bigger cities like Dallas or Fort Worth running out, and once it gets there...thats when its too late. So we have to stop it now.