Tiger Tales

Week of November 16

What's New?

Things to Know/Remember:

-PLEASE,PLEASE be safe when you stay at JJH late or come in on the weekends. There was a break in last week in one of our mobiles. If you feel uncomfortable please leave. Be aware of your surroundings and remember a custodian is here until 9. Utilize them to escort you to your car if you stay late. Bring someone out here with you if you HAVE to come out on the weekend.

-Send home progress reports Monday, November 16

-Please do not forget we have Picture Perfect Science kits, Also, someone used the graduated cylinders in the Science Lab and left paint in them. If you forgot that you left them, please clean them up.

-Please remember to reward your students after they receive 5 Paws for positive behavior in the lunchroom. Please do not be discouraged if your class has not be awarded the Golden Spatula. We have a system and still a half year left.

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  • November 20-John Streer breakfast and benefits in main break room
  • November 23-27 Thanksgiving Break
  • November 30-Campus Window Opens
  • December 2-District Walkthroughs 8:00-11:00 am (The walkthroughs will be based on the evaluation form on the TKES platform),Faculty Meeting