Mustang Weekly

Week of September 15th

Dot Day (How about Dot Week?) #DotDay

Dot Day will be celebrated around the world on Monday, September 15th. Peter Reynolds describes it as a day of "2 million people celebrating creativity, courage, and collaboration."

I encourage you to join this week in going above and beyond to celebrate the unique creativity each of our learners possess.

Our Guiding Purpose- "At Austin Elementary, we are driven to unlock the passion and cultivate the uniqueness inherent in every learner." How can we use Dot Day as a way to demonstrate this belief in action this week?

Share your "celebrations" using #DotDay and #AustinLearns !

E-Time @ Austin Elementary

Liz, Brandon, & I had a great opportunity on Friday to "debrief" our first few weeks of E-Time! At our October Faculty Meeting, we will be devoting the majority of our time to reviewing, renewing, and reigniting our beliefs and excitement for what this block of time means for our learners. We will also discuss an idea for a way that you can join us during E-Time in seeing the excitement in other classes!

In the meantime, please remember to add your ideas/sentence/beliefs to the Padlet link on what you believe about E-Time and how you would define it-

Also, here are some questions to consider in designing and planning for upcoming E-Times:

  • What opportunities do my kids have to be creative individually and design their own experiences?
  • Is this E-Time experience reversing the downward trend on the creativity line graph?
  • Are all of my learners completing/working on the same thing?
  • What evidence is there of my learners' interest inventories?

Learning Environment

As you know, the learning environment plays a key role in your learners' success. Designing a space that is physically and emotionally safe and inviting contributes greatly to the overall learning experience. Fortunately, we now know a lot about how and in what environment the brain learns best.

This past Tuesday, I had an opportunity to travel to several CISD campuses and witness how they were transforming their learning spaces. I wanted to share a few pictures with you. These pictures in particular show how educators are "repurposing" the spaces and materials they already had available. How could your learners help you redesign/configure your learning spaces for optimal learning?

*Note- Some pictures are a bit "woma-janky" with how they uploaded. I'm sorry that you may have to turn your head to see them fully!*

Weekly Announcements

We're excited to have our first group of kids leading us this week! Thank you Natalie McDaniel for being the brave first volunteer!

Life Principle - Character

Quote - "Ability will enable a man to get to the top. But it will take character to keep him there." Author Unknown

Healthy Tip - Eat a healthy breakfast everyday. You will feel good and have lots of energy to do your best in school.

Week At A Glance

-Celebrate Freedom Week - use #CISDCelebrateFreedom to share out

-Educator Goal-Setting Conferences

Sunday- Happy Birthday Natalie Paraliticci!


  • Dot Day!
  • 3:30 - 3rd/4th/5th Cluster Refresher


  • 4:30 - Dyslexia Curriculum Night (Library)
  • 6:00 - Pine Cove Chaperone Meeting


  • 3:20 - Team Leaders meet in Clinic for quick info from Nurse Janie
  • 3:30 - Vertical Team Meetings - Look for info from your Content Specialist on location.
  • College Day


  • 8:00 - Kinder Bear Parade
  • David Noel (Science Coach) meets w/ each team briefly during Conference Period.


  • E-Time

Coming Up...

  • 9/22 - Fire Drill
  • 9/24 - 4th/5th Grade Progress Report Grades Due in System