Peter William Sutcliffe

Yorkshire Ripper


Sutcliffe was born in Bingley, to a working-class Catholic family in West Riding Yorkshire. Reportedly a loner at school, he left at the age of 15 and took a series of menial jobs, including two stints as a gravedigger during the 1960's. Between November 1971 and April 1973 Sutcliffe worked at the factory of Baird Television, on the packaging line. He left when he was asked to go not he road as a salesman. After leading Baird, he worked nightshifts at the Britannia Works of Anderton International from April 1973. In March 1976 he was picked up for theft of used tires. He was unemployed until he found another truck driving job on the Canal road. Throughout this time it is believed that Peter used prostitutes. He first met Sonia Szurma on February 14, 1967; they married on the 10th of August 1974. His wife suffered several miscarriages over the following few years and the couple were later confirmed that they would not be able to have children.


In 1981 Sutcliffe was convicted of murdering 13 women and attacking 7 others. Peter would find his victims walking alone at night, he typically took them into wooded areas where he raped theme and beat them on the head with a hammer. Williams motive was that he heard voices from God telling him to kill the prostitutes. He committed his first assault on an older prostitute whom he had met whilst searching for a women who tricked him out of money. He followed the woman into a garage and hit her over the head with a sock filled with heavy objects.

The Capture

On January 2, 1981 Sutcliffe was stopped by the police with 24-year old prostitute Olivia Reivers in the driveway of Light Trades House, Melbourne Avenue, Broomhill, Sheffield, in South Yorkshire. A police check revealed the car was fitted with false number plates and Sutcliffe was arrested for this offense and transferred to Dewsbury Police Station. When in Custody the police realized that Peter fit so many of the Yorkshire Rippers Physical Appearances, they returned to the place where he was arrested and found a hammer, a rope, and a knife.