#34 Quilts

Taylor Kickhaefer

About Quilts

  • Grades 3-8
  • ELL Students

Builds comprehension and can be adapted into other content areas.

This activity can be a great resource for ELL Students. English learners can participate fully in the activity because it emphasizes the visual arts rather than just their reading and writing abilities.

How to Use This Instructional Strategy

Quilts is a class activity. The students work independently or with partners to create squares for the quilt.

  1. Design the quilt square- Teacher and students choose a design for the quilt that fits the story. The quilt should represent the stories theme, characters, setting.
  2. Make the square- students make each square adding quotes from the story or comments about the story.
  3. Assemble the quilt

When to Use The Instructional Strategy

  • The end of a unit
  • End of the year project
  • Celebrate book week
  • After reading a book
  • With other content areas

Common Core State Standards for Reading: Literature and Reading: Informational Text

  • Students integrate information presented in varied media and formats to understand a topic.
  • Students determine the theme of a story.
  • Students analyze how visual elements contribute to meaning.

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