Surf Soccer, team "What's Up!?"

Taj played junior recreational soccer in the fall of 2015

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8 weeks of Surf Soccer and we all had fun!

This was Taj's first season with a soccer team. For the past 2 years he has been in a training, fun, skills league called Little Rascals soccer. He loved every moment of Little Rascals, but he had out-grown it. Taj had made a new friend from Little Rascals, Delcan, so we all decided to follow Coach Tory to Surf Soccer. Taj and Delcan received a home and away jersey (white or blue) and were reading to kick! The practices were Friday's from 3:45pm-5:15pm. There they learned how to control the ball, new moves, play defense and other life skills (told by coach Mario). The games were every Saturday morning to mid afternoon. Some weeks the kids played against rec teams and others weeks they played against select teams. There were no referees and the parents weren't allowed to "coach" from the side-lines, so it was a really friendly environment for the kids to play soccer. This was the hottest year on record in September-October, so most of the time the games were in the mid 70's and hot. The only shade that we received was from Gary Koerper who brought his deck umbrella to protect himself. Most weeks he stood for the entire game, holding the umbrella for us; all we needed was a fan and drinks with umbrellas in them and it would have felt like a vacation! Taj and Delcan had a spectacular time and we were sad when the last game finally came around. I think we all learned a lot about soccer, what kinds of cars are appropriate to drive to soccer games, and that you must wash the dirt with a giant truck before each game!