Curiosity Killed The Cat

Max Davis

An individual can make attempts at a perfect world but will usually fall in the mitts of defeat and chaos. In Lowry's The Giver the utopia is destroyed because of mere curiosity caused by a young man named Jonas. once thrown in a distopia one can't heal it. In the book Bravle New world, written by Huxley, the twins experience the distopia and they are confused and curious with its mysteries. When a utopian society is created people start to get curious which leads to a distopia.
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How do utopias change so quickly? As said before, it all starts with curiosity. The book, "The Giver" portrays curiosity in many ways, an example of this is in the giver as read, "Ash?" He Called. "Does anything seem strange about the apple?" (Lowry.31) The quote shows that the change in the color of the apple Made Jonas curious if his friend Ash could see the change. Jonas then asked Ash if he could see the change. All the curiosity in side of Jonas led to him and the giver plotting a plan to releasing the memories to the citizens of the utopia which when it happened led to a dystopia.

Never the less, curiosity can feel intriguing or even frightening when one doesn't understand what's happening. This example is from Brave New World "Oh, look, look!" They spoke in low, scared voices. "Whatever is the matter with her?" "Why is she so fat?" They had never seen a face like hers." (Huxely.202) The children had lived in the utopia for their whole lives so they had no way of knowing what the dystopia was like considering their curiosity towards the woman.

In conclusion, a utopian society could not exist because of the element of curiosity which can be so simple yet so destructive. It makes one think how curiosity could possibly be destroying our world.