Kelly Tech Tools

January Update

What happened to Glogster???

If you try to use Glogster, you'll run into snags because of changes we made for the overall good. Glogster was jamming up during whole class use, so I adjusted the logins from 14 classrooms to 29 students. Each has the same kind of login and the same password.

Teachers may login as kellykidz with password = Glogster (note the capital)

Students may login as kellykidz1, kellykidz2, .... kellykidz29 (except kellykidz6) with password = glogster

You can still see everyone's pages if you login as the teacher. Also, even though students from different rooms will be using the same login, chances are they won't be doing it simultaneously so things will run more smoothly.

At Kearns they are using Glogster in 1st and 2nd grade to do biography reports, information reports, and book reports. Teachers are allowing kids to search through the app for pictures and videos with good result. You might like it!

Google Slides

Fourth Graders are learning how to collaborate on a presentation using Google Slides. This app has many features that you find in PowerPoint, but not all of them. The fact that kids can all work on the same presentation at once - and do it from home or school - is a wonderful feature of Google Slides and I think you'll be pleased with their Gratitude Project. Last year Fourth Graders did a similar project - so our Fifth Graders are ready for anything you find interesting! Let me know and I'll help set you up!

By the way - during this lesson we are working on using an online image search. I have asked the students to be very specific in their search term and not to scroll past the initial 12 results. Two reasons - 1) learning to search with specific language builds technology confidence and 2) image searching is not always safe, so not scrolling helps keep us safe. I appreciate your support encouraging careful, specific, and cautious internet use!


Paper Clickers! This new app works with your smart phone or iPad to collect quick assessments from your students using paper codes. We have set up a Plickers account with every classroom - and students are learning how to use it during Tech class, Spanish class and Music. If you'd like to know how to use this fun new tool, just let me know!

Google Classroom

Our fifth and sixth graders are all familiar with Google Classroom - a collaborative space on Google where teachers and students can share comments, websites, assignments and information with each other. Want to learn more about how to have a Google Classroom of your own? Just check in with Laurie Smith - I'll walk you through...

Remember - we have 6 iPads and 4 Chromebooks that may be borrowed by classrooms for an hour or more any time

Join me in the Media Center on Wednesdays for Tech Training Lunches - We'll learn Google Classroom 1/14 and Nearpod 1/21