Summative 2

TJ Quigley


1A. Humans migrate for various reasons. The reasons why can be categorized into these categories- economic, social, political or environmental.
1B. Humans create cultural mosaics. People create these when many people from all different races, religions and other social groups find a common interest or are given a common offer that causes them to live in the same place. Cultural Mosaics are cultures that coexist within society.
1C. Humans balance the forces of cooperation and conflict among different social groups. Humans do this because there are so many people, because there is so many people there are many many different ideas and beliefs. With different ideas and beliefs people are bound to disagree and start conflict which is part of life.


1A. People migrate for economic reasons because they may have found work that pays better that waits for them in a different country. People migrate for social reasons because they may want to live close to their family and friends. People move for political reasons because they may not like the ideas of their countries government. People migrate for environmental reasons because they may have certain activities they like to do or perhaps sports, for example a person that loves to surf rather live in southern California opposed to Minnesota. People migrate in order to seek out their wants and needs.
1B. Humans from all around the world come to different places, religions, races, and other social groups and live amongst one another, sharing there ways and ideas to the world and its community, therefore causing a cultural mosaic.
1C. Humans all have different ideas and standards. No two people think the same. This is a blessing and a curse. It is good because it means that many different ideas and inventions are shared to ensure it will be used in the future. It is bad because when people have different ideas and stand points, disputes are often created, but disputes are not always such a bad thing, it is another way for a person to finally understand what you mean (a more aggressive way).

2A. If our whole government became Republicans than the control/responsibilities of the government would go down because Republicans want less government, which in my opinion would be better.

2B. Whenever there is change power is usually affected. There will always be a group of people that are for it, and always a group that is against it.


1A. My parents never moved us away from the North East because they wanted us all to live close to the rest of our family.
1B. In the place we live and the school we go to there are people of all different kinds that we coexist with.

1C. Ideas from all over the place including where we live are passed on, in hope that they will benefit us/and others.

2A. I was a part of the army and wealthy. My group was composed of the rich in Guatemala, we also had the most MSUs. Our group had the power to kidnap and silence guerrillas.

2B. Whichever group got to be in charge of the government had the most power in that country.

2C. We were close to winning the election, but then they changed their minds and decided to have the U.S help take over the country and tell them what to do, while at the same time shutting us (the army and wealthy) off.