Kauana Batista

Teacher's Assistant

Personal Statement

When I gaze into the future, I see myself working as a pleasant amusing, caring and polite worker. I am very organized, and I follow instructions that are given to me without delay. I enjoy helping teachers and my friends with anything they need. I try my best not to miss any days of school and to be there on time. I can speak three different languages such as, English, Portuguese, and Spanish. I am very respectful, because I don't talk back and I listen to what my teachers have to say. I could not live a day without my family because they mean the entire world to me. When my mom needs help in the kitchen, I go help her with 100% effort. When my dad needs help around the house fixing some things here and there, I am always his right hand helper. I was wrestling manager for my 8th grade year. I had a spreed sheet to take care of, and I would organize all the papers turned in neat and orderly. I help people out a lot. I do babysitting, I help my classmates with there work when they need help and I also help my teacher when they need help too, with organizing papers to grading papers to much more! I am in save the bay club where you help keep the environment clean and fresh. For these reasons, I would be a great candidate for teachers assistants.

Work Experience Journal

1/10/14 - I began writing my personal statement using S'More.

1/15/14 - Today teachers came in and helped me with my personal statement, It was very helpful.

1/17/14- Today I got my three references and i finally finished my personal statement with the help of Dr. Miller. She helped me add more stuff into my statement and make it sound better!! :)

1/20/14- SNOW DAY :)

1/22/14- SNOW DAY :)

1/24/14- SNOW DAY :)

1/27/14- Student Holiday :)

1/29/14- SNOW DAY :)

1/30/14- SNOW DAY :)

1/31/14- Today a lady came in from capital one and talked to us about interviews and how to act and stuff and she interviewed me.

2/3/14- Today i got back my interview sheet were she put comments for me to practice.

2/5/14-Today I am finishing some of my work experience statements and went over my personal statement so I can remember it.

3/31/14- Today i worked on a house project that was due at the end of the month and it looks amazing! i hope my team and i win!

4/7/14- Today i printed some papers off for mr. dunn and then the printer jammed so i got scared. I also printed some copies for mrs. Padmore, it was a lot of copies!

4/21/14- Today i am working on my journal and going through what i have to do. I had a lot of catching up to do!

4/24/14- I worked on some of my homework for science and i went to go make some copies for mr. dunn and mrs. padmore.

4/28/14- I worked on some of my classwork and worked on some homework to so I wont have a lot to do tonight :)

4/30/14- I went and made some copies and watched the class present there projects and helped mr. dunn with some things.

5/2/14- I went to meet in the middle and i had so much fun! The kids were so sweet and athletic and kind and it just made my day seeing those kids having a smile on there faces and having fun just brightness up my day! :) Its something i really love to do, i love hanging out with kids that our special cause it just shows me that just cause your different doesn't mean that you should get treated differently. It was amazing.



Byrd Middle School

2011- Present

Jackson Davis Elementary



2013-2014- Wrestling manager.

2012-2013- Spirit Club.

2013-2014- Save the Bay club.

2012- Present- Babysitting.

2010- Present- Interrupter at my church.


  • Smores
  • Padlet
  • Microsoft Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Google Drive
  • Fluent in Portuguese and English.


Roderick Wilson


Catherine Ricahards


Jessica Burbic